how to make a CONViNCiNG apology video!

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how to make a CONVINCING apology video!

this video is the REAL DEAL. wanna be just like your faves- james charles, manny mua, emma chamberlain, shane dawson, logan paul, and jake paul? i'll be showing you the tips and tricks on how to making a CONVINCING apology video..right at home!!!!!

happy thursday, snowcones!! this week im giving u all some quality tips on making a convincing apology video. more n more lately, im seeing scandals.. it's good to know how to handle these. hehehe.

also...i know i normally steer clear of this stuff on youtube, but i wanted to say that im praying for everyone involved in the california bar attack and all of you. violence rips my heart up and it's got to be stopped. i don't understand how people can be so cruel. i truly would do anything to take the pain and evil away from the world. please..all of you- stay safe and HUG your familes and TELL your friends you love them. life on earth is so so so short.

much, much love, mackenzie


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⚠️ F T C: this video is not sponsored. all opinions are my own.

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✭ name: mackenzie frecloud (pronounced “free-cloud”)
✭ age: fifteen
✭ camera: canon eos 7d
✭ lens: canon efs 18-135mm
✭ editing software: final cut pro x
✭ current subscriber count: 5.6k

????????W H A T - I - W O R E:
✭ gingham romper + sweater: jcpenney
✭ newsboys cap: thrifted!! it's so fricking softttt!!


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