How to Make a small Business Marketing Video

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I made this video to share the basics of creating a video of your own for your YouTube channel and website, as well as Facebook. It goes without saying today that video content is the preferred way to consume news and information on how to use or apply some technique, tool or product.

I hope this video will help you, as a small business or practice owner or manager to create your own video content. You will learn about:

- camera
- microphone
- lighting
- framing
- background or set
- script or outline
- sequence of delivering your content

Once you've created your video there are more steps to know, including in particular, how to edit it and adding your branding. That itself is a large subject and better handled by a professional. However, there are some simple software tools such as iMovie which can be utilized to make simple edits before you upload your video to YouTube and Facebook. All of which can be done right on your mobile phone.

If you need any help creating, editing or posting your video content, contact Walker Kreative who can help you establish your video marketing production line.

Walker Kreative has the mission to provide innovative, effective and integrated branding and communications solutions to help people grow their businesses and realize their marketing goals.

Our team has been working in the field of marketing for decades. We won’t claim to have done it all… but pretty darn close. The 1990s and 2000s saw a massive transformation from traditional marketing and advertising to today where everything is done digitally. We grew up through all this. We know the craft and its rules, techniques and tools.

We want to help you reach your business goals and dreams.

Comment below if you'd like more details or other videos on the subject. If you like what you saw, please give a thumbs up!

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