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We already told you we are expecting the new LG G6 in February. We also showed you the first renders. And now we've got even more of those for you, this time in 3D.

The first thing we notice is the device will have a unibody design like most of the devices today. LG G5 went boldly onto the modular scene in 2016 but LG decided it will abandon the concept with its 2017 flagship.

Thanks to the 3D images we see some differences that will help you distinguish the G6 from G5. The volume keys are still on the left but this time they are separated. The speaker is down under, on the right side of the USB-C port.The display size stays at 5.3 inches, while at the back we see dual cameras which are visibly different so probably again we'll get different focal lengths. There's also a fingerprint key that is also a power button over there.

According to the report the LG G6 will also support wireless charging.Just a day after we reported the LG G6 will be officially announced after two months we have some more info for you.

An Israeli source leaked renders of the alleged LG G6 flagship. The first thing we see is it will probably look a lot like LG G5 which is not really a flattery. Back in the early months of 2016 we called the smartphone “the least exciting design of the season” and we still stand by our But let’s review what the render shows us. The height will still be the same, but the width is 72.4mm which suggests slightly slimmer bezels.

Volume buttons are still placed on the left side and a dual-camera module is visible on the back. We do not have info whether the battery will be removable like the LG V20.The display will probably be 5.3 inches with 1440x2560 pixel resolution and underneath it there’ll be 6 GB of RAM. For more unofficial preliminary specifications check out the smartphone at our Rumor Mill.

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