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Hello! I am Ivy Anderson and this is my luminess air review. I am a consultant with luminess air and I am giving my airbrush makeup review. How to airbrush makeup at home. How to airbrush is very simple. This is just a review of my airbrush machine. How to use airbrush machine. This is an airbrush tutorial for beginners. How to airbrush can be fun and simple!

Airbrush makeup is water based, and it is dermatologist tested and approved. It will not clog your pores as normal makeup will. It is fast and fun! Luminess air is the best makeup product I have ever used! I have a blast airbrushing my makeup!

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We offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

We also have only around 1300 consultants at the making of this video and if you want to learn how you can become one too reach out or comment below on this video!

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