Prototype OOAK Dolls {7.15.18} (832) [284 Days To Go]

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Sorry for cutting the last vlog short. I wanted to change a few things on the vlog as in less cursing and well with playing GTA V , psych was very local. But I am very exciting to get started on my very first OOAK/repaint doll!

Ello, I am The Chiscake, you may know my voice as Player 1 on DEADstarPOWERS!
Welcome to my life with my family and all the fun events that happened in it! Right now, we have a year to countdown to OUR WEDDING! Come with my family as we find things to do everywhere we go and explore all of the amazing places that you may have not ever seen , and a lot that no one knows about! stop by and make your mark and hit the subscribe button, because we are trying to come up with more stuff to do. Whether it's walking around, amusement parks or just hanging around; you will be sure to laugh with us! We always have fun filming new things for you guys and showing you things everywhere we go!

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