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Automatically Translate Any Video Into 100s of Different Languages & Create Multi-Lingual Auto-Captions Within Minutes... INTRODUCING... ScriptReel

what is ScriptReel?
ScriptReel is a cloud based software that lets you convert and translate any video into different language and also create auto­captions for the video, all done automatically. Using ScriptReel, you upload a video, the app converts the audio in the video to text and creates auto­captions and adds them to the video with proper timeline (just like YouTube does). Then it gives you the option to convert your auto­captions into any language you want. It also then convert the audio of the video to any language, helping you convert any video into a multi­lingual video in minutes.

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All you have to do is:
Step #1:
Upload a video or enter any YouTube URL.

Step #2:
ScriptReel extracts the audio from the video, converts it into auto captions and subtitles and automatically adds them to your video. Preview and edit or move to step 3.

Step #3
Translate the captions into a different language, or even Translate the caption into a different language, or even translate the audio from your video into a new language automatically!

Add captions and subtitles in your videos to make sure you reach EVERYONE in your audience and start getting more traffic, leads and sales.

See it an Acction:

The Features & Customisation Options in ScriptReel:
1) User uploads a video to ScriptReel on enter a YouTube video URL
2) ScriptReel will now extract the audio from the video and transcribe it using it’s powerful audio­to­text engine. Transcription process takes 5­10min depending upon video length.
3) Once it’s done, ScriptReel will convert the text into auto­captions and add it to the video automatically. You can preview and edit as you like.
4) Then you can translate the text auto­caption into any language you like. It’s done within minutes.
5) And in final step, you can choose to convert your videos current audio into a different language. ScriptReel’s A.I. will translate the audio in your video into any language using its powerful text to speech technology with option to choose from male or female voices and different accents.
6) Finally you can either download the video or publish it directly on YouTube or Push it to your SyVID or LIVEreel account.
7) You can upload English or Spanish videos to create auto­captions, change languages and convert into new language audio.
8) You can convert your auto­captions into 12 different languages including arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. PRO users can translator to 92 different languages.
9) You can convert your video into different language audio from 27 different languages
10) Comes with YouTube upload feature, integration between LIVEreel to publish these videos as live videos using LIVEreel and SyVID to publish these videos on 8 video sites and share video links on 15 social media sites.
11) maximum video length allowed is 20min per video. Need to contact support for higher limit.

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Watch ScriptReel Demo Video Here:

ScriptReel Demo
ScriptReel Bonus
ScriptReel Discount
ScriptReel Review
ScriptReel Features
How to make it BIG like a pro…
Make easy money using commercial license…
Your personal money making machine
Convert Your Video into 100s of Languages
Create Multi-Lingual Video Captions Automatically
Create Traffic Pumping Video with Subtitles Automatically
Transcribe Videos in multiple language For Amazon, AliExpress & eBay

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