Storj: We Are Building Something Faster, Cheaper, More Secure Than The Traditional Cloud Storage

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Ben Golub has been in the storage industry for a long time, and now he steps into the blockchain space with his 7th startup, Storj. Ben described Sotrj to be "the Airbnb of disk drives."

Storj has a big community of 70,000 people running disk drives around the world. They have extra space in their disk drives, and can be shared with those who have extra data need to store. Storj matches them up, implies tokens into the community, and makes the process securely.

"What we're providing is something that is great for the people who were renting the disk drives and great for the people who have extra data because we can do it faster, cheaper, more securely, and more flexible than the traditional clouds."

As a startup animal, Ben shared a lot of his experience and suggestions to other entrepreneurs:

1. Build a strong culture of your company early. Ask yourself, why you are doing this, what is it we're trying to build, and make sure that you're building something that is exciting and has a value even if bad times come.

2. If you consider yourself to be a startup animal, "you should have the skin of a crocodile and the stomach of a goat." You should be able to withstand a lot of jabs and arrows.

3. A major challenge for startups is that they lose focus. You should focus on building something great. "If you're not focused on building something big, then you can often get derailed by them."

4. Having too much money can be another problem, "more startups fail from indigestion than from starvation." Every hire matters, every project matters, and everything that you spend money on matters.

5. Picking the right direction is very important. "My advice is to pick a direction. Be really clear about what you want to do, get everybody in your team going in that direction, and hopefully you're right. But if not, you find out really fast and then you can change direction. "

6. Do something that you love, do something that is going to cause real value for real people and then focus on building a team of people who stick together to build it during the times.

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